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Vacuum Type Fixture


This is use to inspect and test UUT (Unit Under Test)componets

The JIG is an easy-disassemble unit designed to easily remove and clean parts and replace probes.
It does not require any special tool to disassemble it, other than a simple screwdriver.
This "REUSABLE" JIG is environment-friendly because it produces very minimal wastes.


This is use to inspect and test UUT (Unit Under Test) components.

[Compatible board test systems]
 GR(228x ・ Viper) etc


The JIG structure is designed to be reusable

Wireless fixture structure was introduced to create a "REUSABLE" fixture.
In the wireless fixture, the printed circuit board requires no wiring.

Unit before disassembling




Hand Press


By connecting the peripheral device to the untested loaded board, the JIG tests whether the board operates accurately or not.

The top-down operation of the arm of the JIG allows the fixture to be closed and opened at a particular angular height
(about 45 degrees from the bottom unit).
When the top plate of the JIG reaches a horizontal position, the test board is then pressed vertically.
By releasing the arm, the top plate of the JIG will be automatically opened by the damper.

1.Guaranteeing probe position with high accuracy.
  ・The probe position measurement equipment is used
  ・Precision for probe location within 0.10mm is guaranteed

2. It compatable with all test systems.
  ・It is compatible with all test systmes by modifing I/F part.
3. Resuable JIG structure
  ・Reduce costs
  ・Decrease industrial waste





Since the JIG can implement testings in opened position, the engineer can verify contact pins without disassembling the JIG.

By using paticular screws , the test board can be pressed without the use of chassis; therefore, pin contact can be done only by the plates.
It makes it easier for engineers to debug and make adjustments.


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