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Corporate philosophy

The electronics industry has been advancing rapidly and further technological progress is expected in the 21st century, especially in the telecommunications industry - development and production of more sophisticated machines and equipment, satellite systems; computers, video games, mobile/cellular phones, etc.

The rapid technological change is transforming life-styles in ways that are difficult to predict - it's profound effects being on the man-in-the-street, pervading almost every aspect of his daily life. As more and more people depend on the new and various systems being introduced over time, we can say that, without the electronics technology, life, for most people now will be impossible.

As manufacturer of fixtures used for inspection and testing of circuit board components, we, at ICT Corporation, are striving to keep pace with advances in all areas of the electronics industry.



Corporate philosophy





Company Name
ICT Corporation
Masatoshi Katou
December, 1989
Number of staff
Head Office
2565-3 Yamamiya-cho, Kofu, Yamanashi, 400-0075 JAPAN

・Development of testing device for Software
・Development of testing device for System Design
・Development of testing device for Hardware
・Pre-shipping test and Verification Test
・Data maintenance support

Environmental Consciousness

installation and utilization of solar photovoltaic power generation

Solar photovoltaic power generation has been installed on the roof of our office building.

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